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What we do

Sunlution -

What we do

Sunlution is a pioneer in the implementation, operation, and maintenance of floating and ground photovoltaic plants in Brazil, in addition to supplying technology and equipment.

Floating Solar

An innovative technology that uses the surface of dams, reservoirs, and lakes to install floating photovoltaic plants. The floating solar plant on the water surface provides greater efficiency for the photovoltaic panels compared to those on the land, prevents water evaporation in shaded areas, and eliminates the need for land expropriation, soil movement and vegetation suppression.

Sunlution’s floating power plants are easy to implement and use the French Hydrelio float and fixing system technology for solar panels by Ciel et Terre.

Partner Locations for Installation

Floating solar power plants can be installed in:

Potential Users

Floating solar panels can be used to generate energy for:

Ground solar power plants with or without tracker

Has positive impacts on the environment, such as zero greenhouse gas emissions, zero waste and zero noise.

Promotes a reduction in electricity costs for the population and companies in the private and public sectors.

May include tracker, which optimizes the modules efficiency.


Hybrid Generation

The solution developed for the Sobradinho HPP, which combines two energy generation systems – floating solar and hydroelectric – increases energy efficiency by up to 17% and reduces evaporation by up to 70% in the shaded area.

Commercial Scale Floating Solar Plant

Fazenda Figueiredo, located in Cristalina (GO), received in July 2018 1,150 floating photovoltaic panels installed to supply the farm’s milk processing facilities.

Floating Solar Plants in Dams

Being one of the largest reservoirs in the São Paulo metropolitan region, the Billings Dam implemented in 2020 the first R&D project for floating solar power plants in a dam in the country.



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